Noob Chronicles – A Little Purple

I’ve had these pics finished on my hard drive for a couple days now but I just didn’t have time/energy to get the post done. I apologize that it’s kind of late, but I’ve double checked and most everything is still where it was.

purplenoobtimeThis skin is -still- available as of today Monday 12/5/2016 at 1:33 pm eastern. You can find it at the 30L/35L Black Friday Cyber Monday festival along with quite a few gifts and other good deals. Click here to go directly to the Wow booth.  35L gets you the Natalie skin in your choice of tone. It includes system skins and an omega applier which covers both your mesh head and mesh body. Please note the skin itself has a green eye shadow and a reddish lip. I’m using appliers from AlaskaMetro (CremeDuo) shadow and Shiny Stuffs – tinted lip balm to give myself this purplish shadow and pink mouth.

There’s been some changes to my noob, she’s now wearing a catwa head called Dyana. I just bought her the basic head and the eye blinks for now and will upgrade more little by little.

3 different outfits and more details after the jump.

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The Noob Chronicles – Step 2

My last post, I started a noob me… and during that post, I suggested that I think most people need at least 1kL to start with. For those who don’t know anything about Second Life ™, the platform has its own money.


These are called Lindens and the basic exchange rate at this every exact moment is 1kL costs $3.83 us. Once you sign up for an account and verify that through your email, you can also add a payment method. Since I’m from the US, I only really know how it works here. I put in my credit card or credit cards (you can also sign up for buying lindens via paypal but your paypal must be a bank verified account. You can also use something called Skrill but I’ve never tried that. The cashier on the site verifies you as being a valid card and so on and then you can set your payment method to work somewhat how you want it to.

For example, if you want to use one card only for premium account payments. – a premium account gives you a stipend per week of 3oo L and also the right to a linden home. A linden home is like a cheap place to stay which involves a house plus 124 prims to use how you see fit. (Prims are the basic object.. I think it’s called Land Impact now but it’s the same idea. Each bit of land is only allowed so many items on it.

For me at least, a linden home sort of look like a tract house as opposed to getting land, and doing your own thing. But for a lot of people, the $9.50 monthly charge in exchange for the approximately 1200 Lindens plus a free place to park your avatar to change and what not is not a bad deal.  For comparison purposes, that $9.50 us is equal to about 2500L so.. the 1200L you’re getting plus a house, you -might- be able to do better on your own, but that’s only about 250L a week for rental so then again you might not.

But originally, I thought you might have at least some few expenses even if you didn’t want to own land or spend a lot of L on your avatar. Some groups, like the group for Lumae charge a fee to join. The fee is only 1L but if you don’t have that one linden, that can be a problem. Also quite a number of items on marketplace are 1L rather than 0L. And it might be you end up wanting to spend a little more money on yourself.

For me, I have one card that pays for everything and I also have a budget for buying lindens. I buy lindens twice a month and my budget for lindens is pretty big.. it’s a lot but I justify that by saying SL is both my biggest hobby and also my biggest social outlet. I am sick irl and I’m mostly house bound/legally disabled. Without SL, I have no idea what I would do at 3 am when everyone I know in RL is asleep. With SL, I can go shopping, do a blog post, go have fun with friends like I did with Alicia Chenaux and another friend from Alicia’s social group, Mimi. It’s a huge thing for me but I feel everyone has to arrive at their own budget for hobbies or whatever else they do and nobody has a right to say anything about it. That’s why I’m trying to show as much as I can for the smallest amount possible 😀

noob2pumpkinSee more after the jump.

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