LoTD – Sweater Weather

I live in a relatively warm climate, in Virginia, but it’s starting to get more than nippy in my neck of the woods and now we’ve got Daylight Savings time in place, I’m pulling out my sweaters that were stored over the summer.

Today I’m showing you a mix of items I’ve picked up in the not too distant past and one of the things I want to show is that every item you buy doesn’t have to cost 200L or more at a pop.


More pics and details after the jump!

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Little Bit of Darkness

Halloween being only a few weeks after my birthday has always been special to me. So I’m getting ready early with hopefully a few different posts on Halloween looks. Today was payday for me so I did a good bit of running around the grid.

littlebitdark01I am normally always a blonde, but this outfit needed a darker hair, a darker skin, spooky eyes and darker lipstick. After the jump you’ll get all the details including where to get this awesome pumpkin with built in poses.

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In The Corner

Today I’m using a mesh box that I got for a really tiny price from Focus Poses. I’m wearing a combination mix and match outfit which starts with these great mesh plaid pants. They were only 75L at the Indyra Flash Sale and they came with a fitmesh pair, which with the help of the alphas in my Maitreya body worked perfectly.


You can click the image for a direct trip to the full size picture. Or you can go to my flickr page.



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