Freebie and Cheapie Etiquette

I don’t talk a lot about stuff like this because I really feel that we are all grown men and women (or should be) and we all know how to act. Common courtesy is not hard and it often is the oil that greases the squeaky wheel, the small gesture that eases conversation and interaction between highly diverse individuals.

However, recently I’ve seen some private posts and such that indicate to me that some people need a reminder on how to behave.

In the first place… Second Life is pretty much a “you get out of it what you put into it”. It’s not all that different from real life in that aspect. in some way or another, you have to put something into it, if you expect to get anything from it or within it. That could be time, money, creating something.. but everyone puts something into it.

If you are not willing to put something into it, then chances are you are going to be disappointed with what you find here.

So.. some rules as I see them.

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