Noob Chronicles – A Little Purple

I’ve had these pics finished on my hard drive for a couple days now but I just didn’t have time/energy to get the post done. I apologize that it’s kind of late, but I’ve double checked and most everything is still where it was.

purplenoobtimeThis skin is -still- available as of today Monday 12/5/2016 at 1:33 pm eastern. You can find it at the 30L/35L Black Friday Cyber Monday festival along with quite a few gifts and other good deals. Click here to go directly to the Wow booth.  35L gets you the Natalie skin in your choice of tone. It includes system skins and an omega applier which covers both your mesh head and mesh body. Please note the skin itself has a green eye shadow and a reddish lip. I’m using appliers from AlaskaMetro (CremeDuo) shadow and Shiny Stuffs – tinted lip balm to give myself this purplish shadow and pink mouth.

There’s been some changes to my noob, she’s now wearing a catwa head called Dyana. I just bought her the basic head and the eye blinks for now and will upgrade more little by little.

3 different outfits and more details after the jump.

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Little Bit of Darkness

Halloween being only a few weeks after my birthday has always been special to me. So I’m getting ready early with hopefully a few different posts on Halloween looks. Today was payday for me so I did a good bit of running around the grid.

littlebitdark01I am normally always a blonde, but this outfit needed a darker hair, a darker skin, spooky eyes and darker lipstick. After the jump you’ll get all the details including where to get this awesome pumpkin with built in poses.

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Let’s Talk About Ears

I hope that this will become a regular feature here on The Twinkle, where I talk about a product that I really enjoy and think is special, something that’s a staple of my usual SL.

Today I’m going to talk about ears. Ear attachments like many other types of attachments are not particularly new but they have changed and improved over the years. For a long time, I wore ears made by Mandala. I really liked them and they made wearing mesh heads and mesh hair much easier because of course I could move them around etc.

But then I found these ears by ^^Swallow^^ . They were at Shiny Shabby some months ago.

earsmainYou can click the above pic for a bigger size if you so desire and as you see on the caption, it comes with a hud that controls all facets of the ears. I think these ears are seriously snazzy and below the jump, I’ll show you pics of each part of the hud. These are not rigged, so you can move them around and I’m wearing just a hair base right now so you can really see how they look.

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