Freebie and Cheapie Etiquette

I don’t talk a lot about stuff like this because I really feel that we are all grown men and women (or should be) and we all know how to act. Common courtesy is not hard and it often is the oil that greases the squeaky wheel, the small gesture that eases conversation and interaction between highly diverse individuals.

However, recently I’ve seen some private posts and such that indicate to me that some people need a reminder on how to behave.

In the first place… Second Life is pretty much a “you get out of it what you put into it”. It’s not all that different from real life in that aspect. in some way or another, you have to put something into it, if you expect to get anything from it or within it. That could be time, money, creating something.. but everyone puts something into it.

If you are not willing to put something into it, then chances are you are going to be disappointed with what you find here.

So.. some rules as I see them.

Do -not- go around badmouthing a free or cheap item. It may not be your style or taste and you are entitled to your opinion. But badmouthing whatever thing you were able to get for free or very low cost is not only rude, it also means that person may not be so willing to repeat their generosity, should they hear such rude criticisms. They may even quit creating or leave SL altogether. Just… don’t be rude.

Do -not- go complaining about group fees or 1l instead of 0l and so on. Many designers have very low group fees in the range of 1l 5l, 10l and the reason they do is to help stop spammers. Every free group I have has been attacked by spammers over and over again. The fee is mostly for your benefit, and the gifts you get in exchange more than make up for the fee. Furthermore, even in groups with higher fees… as long as you don’t leave the group, it’s a one time fee. And usually again, the gifts you get in exchange are more than worth it. Shouldn’t that designer get a little something back for all that they give?

If the creator happens to be in the shop when you are getting a hunt or other gift, take a moment to say thank you. Again, no one has to put out a free item, no one owes that to the world or anything like that. So show a little gratitude, even if you find later the item is not your personal taste.

Do not demand that someone let you into their group for free, or give you their group gift for free or really anything that they make. Demanding instead of asking, yelling at someone, being rude and cursing them out is a fast way to get them to be very unwilling to help you or anybody else.

Finally, consider putting in at least a little money into Sl. I know we all have a budget and sometimes it’s hard to scrape up any extra and nobody is calling anyone out if that happens to be your case. But, 1kl is less than 5 dollars us. And that 1kl can go a long damn way as far as dollarbies, small group fees and the like. Even big ones like 350L for Truth VIP which already has 3 group gifts available in full fatpacks. (one fatpack in store costs around 1500L) Even if you only put 5 dollars a month into sl  you still have a better quality of second life, simply because you can afford those dollarbies, those small group frees. And, every little bit helps when those creators share so many great things for everyone to enjoy.

Thanks for reading.



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