Noob Chronicles – A Little Purple

I’ve had these pics finished on my hard drive for a couple days now but I just didn’t have time/energy to get the post done. I apologize that it’s kind of late, but I’ve double checked and most everything is still where it was.

purplenoobtimeThis skin is -still- available as of today Monday 12/5/2016 at 1:33 pm eastern. You can find it at the 30L/35L Black Friday Cyber Monday festival along with quite a few gifts and other good deals. Click here to go directly to the Wow booth.  35L gets you the Natalie skin in your choice of tone. It includes system skins and an omega applier which covers both your mesh head and mesh body. Please note the skin itself has a green eye shadow and a reddish lip. I’m using appliers from AlaskaMetro (CremeDuo) shadow and Shiny Stuffs – tinted lip balm to give myself this purplish shadow and pink mouth.

There’s been some changes to my noob, she’s now wearing a catwa head called Dyana. I just bought her the basic head and the eye blinks for now and will upgrade more little by little.

3 different outfits and more details after the jump.

purplenoobtime01The first outfit I am wearing is from Ricielli. Back during Halloween time, Ricielli hosted a hunt, but they are rather famous for leaving their hunt items out well after the hunt itself and I checked today and the pumpkins are still there. Buy each pumpkin for 15L and score great mesh items like shoes, blouses, skirt and so on. They are for various mesh bodies and also standard sizes are included on some items. Shoes were for tmp, maitreya, slink etc. The blouse and skirt I am showing here are both in pumpkin #13

My nail polish applier is from Encore. I am linking you to their marketplace shop as they have tons of nice polishes for as low as 25L, including appliers for omega, slink and maitreya.

purplenoobtime02The shoes I am wearing are a Midnight Madness gift from Empire. You can find out about Midnight Madness here – Midnight Madness is a monthly event where designers give some lovely items away up to a certain number. I believe 1500. All you have to do is get there and click the device to get the gift. There are two rounds of this with different prizes offered at each one, Then there is also a last chance couple of rounds where the items offered can be purchased for 50L. The real trick is battling your way to each store.

purplenoobtime03Next I want to mention this hair which was a group gift from Truth VIP. Right now the join fee is 265L and there are already two group gifts available, full fatpacks of all colors. The hair above is their second gift called Sugar and is available in notices. You can pick up the previous gift at the shop called Ember. Now I know that seems like a high fee, but it is a one time fee and the two gifts already available are more than worth the money as single color packs usually sell for 250L. TP to Truth and slap the join board.

purplenoobtime004The mesh gown I’m wearing here is part of a 1L double pack which includes various fits and the gown in either plum or sugar. So sparkly!

purplenoobtime04My gown needed something sparkly and I spotted this 30L jewelry set from Virtual Impressions. Sadly I think the shop is closed in world but you can still grab this off of marketplace here.

purplenoobtime005Next up for a more cocktail look I found this off shoulder applier dress with mesh panel insert. For 10L you can snag this dress for both classic and mesh bodies. Includes a variety of applier choices and the skirt panel in all standard sizes.

My shoes for both the gown and cocktail dress are called Racheal and are from Rowena’s Designs. They come with a hud for a selection of jewel tones and fit Slink feet only. 49L gets you those!

purplenoobtime006Oh and I forgot to mention my hair in the first pictures. It’s from Like Design. The hair is called Glam Hair and comes with regular and “Boob” fit plus a hud with a limited amount of color changes. Like design has lucky boards where you can win hair and other items or you can purchase hair promo packs for 50L. I believe Lucky boards are single colors but the promo includes seven colors, black, brown, blonde, red, pink and a sort of teal green.

I have something to say in another post about freebie and cheapies and behavior and sl so.. please watch for that soon.


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