Welcome Jonas

This post is more about rl than it is about sl, except to warn readers and friends that I may be offline ish for a bit. I just adopted a new pet, and here’s his piccie. In the last six months both of my other dogs, whom I’d had for more than five years each, passed away. More after the cut.


I don’t talk much about it but I am legally disabled in real life. I am over 40 and I have a variety of health problems including a serious anxiety and panic attack problem. My dogs have always acted as comfort animals even if they weren’t trained as such. I was so grieved by the loss of my animals that I didn’t want to even think about adopting a new pet.

But as time went on, it soon became evident that I really needed a new pet, both as a companion and to help with my anxiety simply by being there. So, we found Jonas, he’s an older dog, he was a rescued animal from another county and likes to cuddle and just hang out together. I need to spend time with him to get him acclimated and to make sure he has everything he needs to feel comfortable.

I may be online, but I probably won’t be blogging for a week or two. Please forgive me.

Meanwhile, Happy Halloween.



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