Autumn Witch – Freebies/Cheapies SL Noob Chronicles

This post has a mix of free, cheap and not so cheap items including a FREE Group Gift Dress by ArtFashion, a 1l headband by Pandamomo, 75l gacha skins from Essences, 1l shoes from Empire and 9L hair from Mina @ Kustom 9 Plus more.

autumnwitchnoobdressLots more details to find under the cut. Keep reading.

Kustom9 is having a birthday round and that means good news for thrifty shoppers because each participant at the event has left out a gift box for 9L.

Today I am wearing the 9l hair gift from Mina.  This absolutely adorable brown page boy style includes a hud for different shades of brown and a materials ready option.

Here’s a quick snap of the booth for Mina @ Kustom 9 and I’ve made a circle around the box.

autumnminak9I’m also wearing bracelets from the 9l birthday box that Kunst left out. Here’s a snap of their booth and box. The bracelets are called Garthwen and come in black only.

autumnkunstk9autumnwitchnoobdress2The dress is a free gift at ArtFashion. When you arrive at the landing point you will see a subscriber on your left and also a display explaining that there’s a hunt going on there. If you click the subscriber you get a Game of Thrones styled outfit free. And there is a little hunt bag prize right in front of you for 1L if you walk into the shop.

autumnartfashionextraI haven’t had a chance to open these but I did want to alert you they are there.

Walk around to the group gift room and you will see the display on the wall.

autumnartfashionJoin each group as shown under each item, all are free to join, and then click the associated item to get the free gift. The dress I have on is on the upper right corner and includes many mesh body choices.

Empire has put out a 1L Halloween gift. The shoes are super cute and come with a hud for texture changes, they also fit several mesh body and feet. However, please keep in mind these are for -mid- feet not high. I had to change my feet shape to mid to wear these.

autumnempireThe necklace and earrings I am wearing are by Beloved Jewelry and only cost 1L. There is a large wall of 1L items at the shop for you to grab.

autumnbelovedMy skin is a little more pricey. I went over to Essences because someone told me there was a subscriber gift which there is. But while I was looking around in the skin room… I noticed there were a bunch of gacha machines. I decided to try a couple of pulls @ 75L each and snagged two Amelie m01 brunette skins. Perfect!

autumnessencesThe two pictures on the left show the two skins I won, wearing only hair base and the Lumae tattoo lashes I’ve mentioned before (They are free in the group gift).

The two pictures on the right show 01 skin with lipstick and eyeshadow added. The lipstick is by Livia and costs 40L for a pack which also includes appliers in case I decide I want to get a head at some point. The name of the lipsticks is Shimmer Me and the color is coral. The eyeshadow is part of a pack by AlaskaMetro, called Creme Duo and I am wearing the NightLife color. This pack includes both tattoo laeyers and appliers as well.  (note that because tattoo layers are layered like a cake, I had to take off my Lumae tat lashes and then put them back on so the lashes would appear OVER my eyeshadow)

The hair base you see is part of a free pack from Analog Dog.

Here’s how I look with hair and place and the above makeup/skin combination.


I forgot to mention that I am wearing eyes from Mayfly, these are the Luminous mesh eyes in Dark True Grey. They do cost 149L but I really love how they look on me. Mayfly does have a free pair in London Fog available and I believe she offers 60L specials on her eyes from time to time.

I am also wearing nail polish from Livia. The set is called Webbed Nails Orange, and they cost 30L a set. The pack contains appliers for both slink and maitreya as well as omega.  You can find them by going into the little haunted house at the landing point.

liviahauntedhouseThere are other spooky accessories in the little house, all at similarly low prices.

At the landing point you will also see notices pertaining to two hunts. The prizes are not difficult to find and cost 1L for Halloween themed nail polish appliers.

liviahuntprizesThere is also quite a pile of free or almost free group gifts, both for Livia’s group as well as for SL F&0 and other great groups.

liviagroupgiftsAnd here’s a shot with the accessories shown a little better.

autumnwitchnoobcompIncidentally all these poses come from an amazing Sweet October Carriage from Angelic Designs. It also has couples poses!

Here’s a peek at the Carriage by itself. I’ve recently started decorating for fall at a new land I moved into and that’s what you see behind it. Isn’t this so pretty? When I bought it it was only 60L. Unfortunately that was for a weekly sale and the price has returned to regular price. However, I did check back and this week’s item is an equally fab looking Witch’s House. Go check it out.

autumncarriageAnd before I forget, while I was preparing this post, I got a notice about a dollarbie headband gift. I went and grabbed it, it’s so cute! (please note that this sim is an adult location)

autumnpandomomoIt has touch resize in it and those flying bats are part of the headband!

As always you can click through each of my pictures for a bigger/better view. I always wear Maitreya Body and my shape for my noob is the .love. pixie shape found here for 1l, much modified.


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