Little Bit of Darkness

Halloween being only a few weeks after my birthday has always been special to me. So I’m getting ready early with hopefully a few different posts on Halloween looks. Today was payday for me so I did a good bit of running around the grid.

littlebitdark01I am normally always a blonde, but this outfit needed a darker hair, a darker skin, spooky eyes and darker lipstick. After the jump you’ll get all the details including where to get this awesome pumpkin with built in poses.

Reign is having a flash sale right now through the 20th of October. 50 percent off savings are yours if you run over there and grab everything your heart desires. These shoes I’m wearing are from Reign that I grabbed from the sale.  They are called Posie Gladiator. You will not believe the tiny price for the -fatpack- of this shoe you will pay during the sale. Reign also does something rather nifty with their newer shoes which is that they include both a Reign color hud but also a Blueberry color hud. So all of your newer Reign shoes will automatically match Blueberry’s color palette.

The dress I’m wearing is the special price offer from Lakshmi at On9. The dress is called Paniz, fits lots of different mesh bodies and includes a hud which changed the dress itself from this orangy red I’m wearing to purple or gray with the black stripe. It also controls metals and belt colors plus you can just not wear the belt at all if you prefer.  I liked this dress so much that I bought it in a second color pack at full price as well. It just fits so well as I hope you can see.

If you don’t know about On9, it’s a monthly event that opens on the 9th of the month and this month will close on the 28th of October so you still have time to check it out. Each designer places one item of their offering for the round at a special price. You can get more info on the event here and also see pictures from Seraphim here.

I scored a few other goodies while I was there to hopefully show in other posts.


littlebitdark03This look begins with a new head. I finally plunked down the money for the Tumble head from Catwa which is what I am wearing above with the Pumec skin I got from The Forest

I’m wearing it in the May tone which was the second tone from The Forest Pumec offers. I’ve added lipstick from Pumec also, I believe this is from the 2nd palette they offer. My eyeshadow is from Veechi, again and is from the Bohemian Eyeshadow palette for Catwa.

To give myself a spookier look, I picked up some special mesh eyes from Ikon. These are the Deadshine eyes in Industrial. They come with a hud for both adjusting the eyes and also to change the eye texture. You’ll see you get a few different choices on the texture and I picked a darkish one from the set. The set is both mesh eyes and system eyes so they will work with whatever kind of peepers you are working with.

I’m also wearing eyelash appliers from Euphoric. These are the Hollywood Lashes.

As I said above, I’m a blonde usually but I felt that this look needed a dark hair, so I went over and picked up a hair I had in blonde in a natural’s pack from Exile. It’s called Take It Slow. I used the black hair color and also made my eyebrows dark with the Pumec hud.

I also used a hairbase from Just Magnetized. It’s hairbase 03 for Catwa heads and it has a grayscale selection of tones from black to white and you can tint the hairbase to match your hair using the hud from your head. Just Magnetized does have an inworld store also.

littlebitdark02This fabulous pumpkin I am posing with is from Focus Poses on marketplace. The pumpkin comes with a choice of poses built in and they are adjustable to suit your avatar.  I looked but couldn’t find an inworld store at the moment. For 100L you get the pumpkin and 13 poses, I think that’s a steal and perfect for the season.

The venue you see me in is just an old gazebo I had in my inventory. I retextured the little light balls to give an amber glow and I used an autumn scene to make a backdrop behind me applied to a prim.

littledetailscompAs I’ve noted before, my favorite rings right now are the Dark Queen ring set from Real Evil. I’ve textured them with the hud for gold metals and black gems and I’m also wearing nail polish from Koffin Nails. This set is called Midnight Metals and I’ve chosen a gold and black polish to match everything else. Due to renovation at the main store, Koffin Nails has a temporary location here.

And lastly of course, I’m wearing my Shiny Ears by Swallow. You can’t really see them with my hair but… there you go.

I always wear Maitreya Lara body and my shape is a modified version of the Zara shape by Strawberry Singh.

Please note that all my pictures are clickable for a larger view and that all styling and photo editing is done by me.

Here’s hoping for a Witchin’ Halloween 😀


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