Fall Into Fall – Noob Edition

Hi there, I feel I’ve fallen down a bit on the Noob job since I did throw in the Lindens for a few not free or starter type items. One, I did buy my noob the Maitreya – Lara mesh body. Look, everyone is different in terms of both what they feel comfortable spending and also what kind of body they like. No harm no foul whatever your choice is.

I just happened to feel I was missing that mesh body too much so I invested in one. Unfortunately you cannot buy the body online, you do have to go to the Maitreya store, and you can grab a demo to try it on first. If you are not aware, the Maitreya body comes with skin presets that match the Glam Affair skin range. It also comes with hands and feet, the feet come in 3 versions: flat, medium, and high.

maitreyaFollow the beacon from the slurl above until you find this display. Note that the demo is free and there is a sign to tell you what the body includes.

fallintofallnoobface2See more details (and confessions) after the jump.

The skin I’m wearing above is by Lara Hurley skins. It is a group gift called Gervaise and includes slink hand and feet appliers to match. There are a few group gift skins at Lara Hurley and the group is free to join.

larahurleyWhen you land you will need to go to right and you’ll see the current group gift plus the other gifts around the corner as you see in the pic. There are also a lelutka and a catwa applier group gift as well.

I am wearing an eyeshadow tattoo by Glamorize called Knockout Eyes Silver. The whole set costs 12L. I am also wearing a lip tattoo called Brazen Bronze which is from this 1L gift by Mock.

My hair is by Truth and is one of the 50L Discount hairs found on the second floor of Truth. There are also 3 gift hairs on the main floor. The hair I’m wearing is called Petra and it is one of the brown shades.

Below I’m showing you the three gift hairs in the entry, the stairs with the sign indicating discounts above, and just some of the hairs to be found @ 50L a pop.

truthI am wearing a jewelry set from Indulge Temptation called Entwine. This is an item I got with the gift card for 500L you can get as a group gift once you join the group. The group does cost 100L to join but between the gift card and other group gifts, i felt it was worth the money. The gift set includes necklace and earrings as you see above and it includes color change to about six different colors ranging through gold, silver, black and so on.

Below you can see the group gift selection including the gift card. I bought two sets with my card and still have money left.

indulgetemptationfallintofallcompositeThe outfit I’m wearing is not free, but it was on sale. I’ve mentioned before that I am a fan of Sn@tch and they were having a flash sale. The top and skirt are both from an outfit called Fish 4 This – Gothic Rainbow. They only come in standard mesh sizes but I was able to still get it to fit on my maitreya body. The whole set which includes various tops, skirts and accessories was only 175L at sale price. Incidentally Sn@tch has a fish 4 outfit all the time and it’s totally free if you fish for the various pieces. This is an older outfit so now you have to buy it to get it. The pencil skirt comes in black, purple and red. The top shown only comes in black but there is an applier bustier in black and applier jeans in black, purple and red included along with some mules and a tattoo layer makeup. Not bad for 175L.

The other big ticket thing I did was to join the Empire vip group. Empire makes great shoes for a variety of mesh bodies, including slink, maitreya and belleza. To join the vip group is 499L. (the regular group is free but you don’t get group gifts in the regular group)

However when you consider how much you get for the group fee, it works out to be a very good deal. Here’s a snap of the group gift area.

empireThat’s right, for 499L you get 9 pair of shoes and half of those are fat packs. Plus any group gifts that are given out after you join. For the join fee, you’re essentially getting a lot of shoes for free.

The shoes I’m wearing are called Triteletia and you can see them in the picture right under the group gift sign.

I am also wearing lovely nail appliers on my slink hands from Hello Dave. This is from the group gift set – Crackling Fire.

I also want to talk about the decor behind me in the pictures. I bought another skybox.  You can snag it for yourself here for 10L. It’s just a nice box with the textures inside.

To that I added this tree with bench by Maya’s Autumn Tree with Bench. A steal for 50l and all of their buildings and other items are only 50L also. Of which more later. The other bench that you see in the picture is by Lacrime dell’anima called Murano Autumn Bench. It is on sale for 35L for the time being so I suggest you run right down and grab it.

Below is a snap of how the box looks with these items set out.


I am also using the post stand that is available for free with Strawberry Singh’s simple photo studio.

I am using several 1l pose sets from Verocity in the stand.

And that’s all she wrote for now folks 🙂



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