In The Forest – October

So, I’ve been focusing on my noob lately but tonight I logged in on my main avatar and I was delighted to find that The Forest  (link opens for the event’s info page) for October had opened. October 12 was my birthday so it was a bit like getting a birthday present! I also made stops @ The Chapter 4 and Liaison Collaborative, but this post is mainly about the items you can find in The Forest. Pay 1kL for the membership group and all the gifts are yours. I counted 3 dresses, 3 hairs, 4 skins (2 were appliers for Fiore heads) a pair of shoes and some lovely decor and jewelry items.

octoberforest01In the picture above, I’m wearing a hair, a skin and a dress from the event. Keep reading for more info and details! (Picture taken at The Liason Collaborative venue) You can see pictures of all the items at TLC here on the SeraphimSL blog.

The idea of the Forest is that you join the group, each month a different group because each month has new and different items. You pay your 1kL membership fee and when the event opens on the 11lth of the month, you just wear your tag and scoop up all the goodies. If you visit the link for The Forest’s website above, you’ll get an idea of the designers participating. This round, designers included Pr!tty, Pumec, Deetalez, Breathe and many more.

octoberforest02I’m using poses that I picked up at The Chapter Four. If you’re not familiar with Chapter Four, it’s a monthly event divided up into four sales rooms, and each room uses a different sale theme. You can see pictures of all the items on SeraphimSL. I bought 2 sets of poses from Le Poppycock @ The Chapter 4, called Cherry Wine and I’m using various ones here with these pictures.

By the way don’t be alarmed by the little leaves and floating things you see around me in the pictures. I’m wearing a seriously awesome set of particle attachments called Dandelion by Cole’s Corner. The link there is to the marketplace item, only 150L! or you can go to Cole’s Corner shop. They are created by ColeMarie Soleil in world. 🙂

The skin I’m wearing is called Evie, and is by Pumec. I’m wearing the lighter of the two tones, you get both January (pictured) and May which is a darker tan as part of The Forest event. The package for each skin includes skin for classic avatars, appliers for mesh heads and bodies and a hud to choose things like blush or moles etc.

I’ve added an eyeshadow by Veechi and eyelashes by Euphoric to my look. The eyeshadow is called Sleuth Shadow and you can click the link to go to the marketplace page. Veechi also makes appliers for other mesh heads and omega so even if you don’t wear Catwa like I do, you can still use their shadows. I’m fairly sure the eyelash applier I’m using on my catwa head is the Asia 05 but all of Euphoric’s lashes are nice. I just remembered that I also used a contour blush from Veechi. I can’t find it on the mp page so here is the slurl to the shop.

octoberforest04This dress is so adorable, with the detailed buttons, sash trimmed skirt and little cut out in the back. It’s also a The Forest item by Belle Epoque. It’s only for Lara bodies and comes in 3 color choices, pink, blue or yellow. The link above is to their main store, not to The Forest.

I’m wearing the Breathe shoes from The Forest as well. It comes in a fatpack of colors and fits Slink, Belleza or Maitreya high feet. The hud controls color change and the metals for the little spikes at the back. Link is to their in world shop.

I also have on hair from The Forest! This soft bob is unrigged mesh so it can be resized (I needed to enlarge it a bit for myself) and comes in a fatpack with all color huds included. It’s called Kels and is by Entwined. Link is to the in world shop.

The last few items are just things I added myself. From Real Evil I am wearing the Dark Queen Bracelet Set and the Dark Queen Ring Set. I’ve hidden some of the spiky bits via the hud and used the hud to set the metals to gold and the gems and pearls to white. I’m the kind of person who likes a lot of bangles and rings (Even though I don’t wear them in real life) and these really make me happy with the rose accents. These are meant to match each other and you can click the links above to find the items on mp. If you’d rather you can also hit up the main store. 🙂

Aside from my Shiny Ears, which I mentioned in detail here, I’m also wearing necklace and earrings from Maxi Gossamer. It is the sweet Serena White Pearls set which comes in both gold and silver so it’s easy to match. Find it at the mp by clicking the link above or check out the main shop.

Last but not least I’m wearing ZoZ nail polish appliers which I found at The Cosmopolitan Room. This is from the Soft Beauty set, and if you look closely, you can see that each nail has a little rose emblem on it. It seemed to fit perfectly with the rose print on my dress. It also picked up on the roses on my jewelry and matched the pink shoes etc very well.

And finally my head is the Kori static head by Catwa. She comes with five static mouth positions and I am wearing the open mouth 4. I am really really hoping that she releases the head in an animated version because I love the head!

And that’s all she wrote for now! I hope this post was fun to read, thank you for taking a look. And happy October!


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