The Noob Chronicles – Step 2

My last post, I started a noob me… and during that post, I suggested that I think most people need at least 1kL to start with. For those who don’t know anything about Second Life ™, the platform has its own money.


These are called Lindens and the basic exchange rate at this every exact moment is 1kL costs $3.83 us. Once you sign up for an account and verify that through your email, you can also add a payment method. Since I’m from the US, I only really know how it works here. I put in my credit card or credit cards (you can also sign up for buying lindens via paypal but your paypal must be a bank verified account. You can also use something called Skrill but I’ve never tried that. The cashier on the site verifies you as being a valid card and so on and then you can set your payment method to work somewhat how you want it to.

For example, if you want to use one card only for premium account payments. – a premium account gives you a stipend per week of 3oo L and also the right to a linden home. A linden home is like a cheap place to stay which involves a house plus 124 prims to use how you see fit. (Prims are the basic object.. I think it’s called Land Impact now but it’s the same idea. Each bit of land is only allowed so many items on it.

For me at least, a linden home sort of look like a tract house as opposed to getting land, and doing your own thing. But for a lot of people, the $9.50 monthly charge in exchange for the approximately 1200 Lindens plus a free place to park your avatar to change and what not is not a bad deal.  For comparison purposes, that $9.50 us is equal to about 2500L so.. the 1200L you’re getting plus a house, you -might- be able to do better on your own, but that’s only about 250L a week for rental so then again you might not.

But originally, I thought you might have at least some few expenses even if you didn’t want to own land or spend a lot of L on your avatar. Some groups, like the group for Lumae charge a fee to join. The fee is only 1L but if you don’t have that one linden, that can be a problem. Also quite a number of items on marketplace are 1L rather than 0L. And it might be you end up wanting to spend a little more money on yourself.

For me, I have one card that pays for everything and I also have a budget for buying lindens. I buy lindens twice a month and my budget for lindens is pretty big.. it’s a lot but I justify that by saying SL is both my biggest hobby and also my biggest social outlet. I am sick irl and I’m mostly house bound/legally disabled. Without SL, I have no idea what I would do at 3 am when everyone I know in RL is asleep. With SL, I can go shopping, do a blog post, go have fun with friends like I did with Alicia Chenaux and another friend from Alicia’s social group, Mimi. It’s a huge thing for me but I feel everyone has to arrive at their own budget for hobbies or whatever else they do and nobody has a right to say anything about it. That’s why I’m trying to show as much as I can for the smallest amount possible 😀

noob2pumpkinSee more after the jump.

I actually went ahead and spent the average buy which is 2500L.  It costs $10.00 us for that amount of lindens but it’s enough to do some basic improvement things to your avatar, and even to rent a small skybox or the like as well if you want to. My above picture shows some of the improvements I decided to do for my noob, the most important of which is that I decided to invest in Slink’s very pretty mesh hands and feet. The feet for high heeled shoes which is the one I bought costs 675L. You get a hud with some basic nail polishes with that, and it also can be used with skin appliers (more on that in a moment) or you can tint them yourself. Tinting is a bit tedious but not impossible. I bought these because virtually every shoe that’s a free or cheapie that I found works with these feet. As I commented in my previous post, it’s really difficult to find shoes that don’t need feet.

noob2shoesFor example these snazzy leopard shoes which are a free group gift from Pure Poison work with these slink feet.

There are many group gifts from Pure Poison available, some are in a group gacha. Meaning you touch it and one pair of the colors available is yours. It’s just luck what color you get. Gacha is a word that you see fairly often in SL, I believe it originates from Japan? It basically means a machine that you get a prize by chance, like a gumball machine. The group is free to join and here’s a peek at what that big pile of gifts looks like at the shop. All of the blue machines in the pic below, are group gachas. Wear your group tag and touch and you get a prize from each. Plus all those free items on the ground.

noob2purepoisonI also went ahead and bought hands, it just looks better and you can wear a lot of nice free or very cheap nail appliers or rings. It’s a vanity thing really but, I like them. They cost 450L a set with lots of options and so on. Slink has lots of different hands available, posed in different ways, but I chose the casual since I know these are often the ones that ring sets and so on are made for.

Here are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 different low cost nail appliers I found for slink hands (and feet) on marketplace. Spend a little more and your options for your nail polish is virtually endless. One thing the hand hud does control as well as the other things I mentioned for feet, is it controls nail length and shape. Most of the nails are sort of square tipped, in short, medium and long, but you also have the option for stiletto nails.

noob2outfitNow, as I also mentioned there are other places and ways to get group gifts. One of those ways is by joining a group. They can be store groups as above, but you can also join a freebie/cheapie type group. One of the best and longest lasting, is the Fab Free group. The fabulously free blog which I’ve linked here, is an amazing blog where they show free or under 100L items that you can find both as gifts for the Fab Free group or as gifts from hunts and various other places. You can also find the fab free group in world and if you take a peek at the blog, you’ll also find a list of places that give gifts to members. Now, I already happened to know that Hello Dave makes tons of nail appliers for slink hands and feet and that they had gifts for fab free members. So I trotted my happy self over there.


When you arrive at Hello Dave (I love that name), you are greeted by this lovely wall of goodness. You can see the Fab Free group board sort of on the right on top and there are three gift palettes for nails to click on and get for free. In addition, a group joiner pops up when you arrive and you can join the store group if you like. It’s 0L to join right now and that gives you access to a plethora of free group gifts, since the owner is kind enough to box up past gifts and leave them for people to grab.  There’s also a hunt going on, you can see the information on that to the bottom right of the picture. If you go down to do the hunt, you can find several spooky themed nail palettes also for free. The nail appliers work for slink feet and hands, and she also includes an omega version applier. For me, I have not found that the omega works well for my maitreya nails but others may have better luck. The peachy nail polish I am wearing in my pictures on both fingers and toes came from one of the pile of gifts I got from Hello Dave.

Another very useful group to join, or really a sort of set of groups are the ‘Stuff groups. There’s Womenstuff, Menstuff, Posestuff and Homestuff. Each group does cost 50L to join but for that fee you have access to lots of nice gifts.

noob2stuffplushuntThe first picture is a picture of the Stuff Lounge which houses all the various items for the various groups, each divided into their own section and group. In the second picture, I’m showing you the free items designers have put in the lounge for women. You can even see the outfit I’m wearing in my pictures on the right side of the picture, second from the bottom row, second from the left. I didn’t even quite get everything in my picture, that’s how big the display is.

noob2stuff2 Incidentally my tunic and pants come from a store that evidently was once called Adorned but now is called Coveted. You can grab the outfit at the Stuff Lounge as you can see above, but I wanted to also link the store in case someone would like to visit. I grabbed a cute Halloween dress I’ll show you another time from there for a tiny price. Please note that Coveted is on an adult sim, you must be adult verified to go there and also have your choices set to include adult on the general tab of preferences.

I also splurged and joined the WoW skins group. I mentioned before the many nice freebies available at WoW but finally decided to join the group. It does cost 400L to join the group but I found many many skins, often in all skin tones and including omega appliers in the group gift box which has I believe every skin that WoW has offered as a gift in it. There are also men’s gift skins in the group gift box. I happen to be wearing the Amour skin in bronze from February 2016. The skin has all skintones and included Omega appliers.

What, you may be asking, is an omega applier. In the dawn of mesh bodies, mesh feet and so on, designers came up with a way to put a clothing texture, a skin texture etc on that item by using appliers. It basically calls a texture and then tells the mesh item to wear it. There’s lots of brands of different mesh items, so a smart person came up with a way to make all these brands work with one applier system. This is called Omega. And why it’s relevant is that I could tint my feet with the omega applier. I did have to buy a slink omega converter but that was a tiny 99L and made my feet and hands match perfectly with my body without spending hours trying to do it by hand. If you have happened to also splurge on a mesh body, there is an omega kit out there for your body, maitreya, belleza, etc, that will make appliers talk to your body.

On my main account, I have an omega relay for maitreya and also one for my catwa head. So I can also use, for example, omega makeups if I wanted. As well as omega applier skins on both head and body.

Since one skin in one skin tone can cost as much as 1200 or 1500L a pop, I feel 400L for access to all those skins, plus a new skin gift every month is not an unreasonable amount and I was very happy with all the choices I found in my group boxes. Below is a pic of the group gift area … all those boxes contain either current or old gifts.. all you need to do is join the group, pay the group fee and wear your tag while clicking the boxes. You will also need a place to rez and open the boxes. Wow Gifts. Now, just as an added helpful hint, I suggest you go to NCI to open your boxes. The letters stand for New Citizen Inc and they have dressing rooms, plus you are less likely to be harrassed by trolls there. (yes, sadly, we have people in sl whose sole entertainment seems to be harassing new people or just harassing people full stop. they get reported, they make a new avatar, bleh.


Now, I want to talk about my hair next. My hair is from a creator whose shop is called Analog Dog. She has a free ball of hair. I’ve pictured the ball below and if you follow the beacon from the landing point, you will find yourself right at it. Or, walk past all the vendors in front  of you to the water, then walk left until you see the ball. You get a few styles in a few different color options.

noob2analog1Analog Dog also has a most excellent Discount Section. From the free ball, walk back towards the landing point and you’ll see the sign for Discount.

noob2analog2Aside from gifts or a promotional item, hair normally costs between 200 and 300L per color set. Occasionally you can find a deal, but that’s the normal going rate. In the discount section, I found hairs for as low as 25L and the most expensive, like the one I’m wearing in my pictures, was 75L. You can buy the hairs in a choice of colors, like blonde, red, brown, etc and you usually get a few options within that shade. I bought the hair I’m wearing, which is called Mizu, in the light brown set and I’m wearing Kahlua. You can also find a free hair base set so that you can have a hair base (a tattoo layer that keeps you from being bald as an egg) to match your hair.inventorysortLast but not least, I want to talk to you about Inventory Sorting. This is a tedious job but one you will find that you’re glad you did along the way instead of waiting for some time in the future. As a newbie, if you run around all the places I’m mentioning, you’re going to amass a ton of boxes and folders, as you can see in my inventory picture here. But it quickly becomes a real problem finding anything because nothing is sorted in such a way that you can find it easily.

Your inventory window is like your closet, your suitcase. Virtually everything you buy or acquire as a gift is held inside it. You will most likely have boxes to open and whether they open when clicked or whether you have to open them yourself, you end up with a folder of items.

Now, if you look at the right hand of the two windows. Right down at the bottom is a little gear wheel. If you click that you will find that you have choices such as close all folders, empty trash and “open second inventory window”. This is what I used to get a second inventory window as shown in the picture.

In the left hand Inventory Window, you can see that I’ve made a folder for jewelry. You do that by clicking the gear wheel and clicking on create new folder. You can also put the folder in a specific spot, like opening up clothing or objects and then creating the folder there. Or you can drag your folder where you want it. Anyway, the new folder is named, of course, new folder when it’s first made and I named it !Jewelry. The ! makes the folder go to the top of other folders when they are sorted by name. (that’s also a choice under the gear wheel, whether you want system folders like objects to show and how you want your folders to be sorted)

With two windows it’s easy to drag the Beloved jewelry folder which you can see on the right, into my Jewelry folder. Ideally, I want all my jewelry in this folder. Eventually I may sort further by making a set sub folder or a rings sub folder etc. But for now, just Jewelry works for me.

I did the same thing for clothing, shoes and so on, so that instead of having a bunch of folders that say “xyz gift”, I have them sorted into what they are, clothing for example is further sorted into outfit, dress, shorts, pants, and so on. I also suggest you try on as you go. It may be that a particular gift doesn’t suit your avatar or that it doesn’t fit you. It’s no harm no foul if this happens, but you can go ahead and delete what you don’t want.

Be advised also, that your trash can in sl works the same as it does on a pc. Deleted items go to your trash can. You then have the option to empty your trash periodically so I suggest you make sure that there’s nothing in there by mistake before you permanently delete items.

Thank you, so much if you’ve read all of this, and I hope it helps someone!




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