The Noob Chronicles – Beginning

Recently, when watching one of Alicia Chenaux’ videos on dressing with a budget, a challenge response doing it with 5l only, I became intrigued by the idea of starting a new noob avatar.  When I started in SL everything was very different than it is now, gambling was still a thing, camping pads were a thing, linden trees were a thing and there was no mesh, and there were a lot more newbie friendly hangouts than there are now. Over the years, there’s only a few places that seem to still specialize in Free or very cheap gift items.

So here’s how I went from this – This is one of the newer avatars offered when you sign up for second life. You also can pull this avatar from your library to wear. This picture is a screen grab I took from the website so it’s not that great of a quality but she’s a cute avatar. Alicia also has a nice vid about the new starter avis which you can watch here.

witchyTo this – noobheadshotNow please note that I am not editing the snapshots at all other than to add a watermark and to sharpen it a little. There’s no retouching so you can really see how she would look. All the details after the jump.


So, the first thing I needed was obviously a skin. The skin that the avatar comes with is quite cute, but if you don’t want to wear purple eyeshadow all the time, you’re going to need a skin. The avatar comes with the purple hair, the companion, the clothing, shoes, even an ao so it’s a lot of bang for your free buck, but you can’t really use it everywhere.

The skin I ended up with was from WoW skins. As you can see below, WoW has a large wall of lucky letter boards and they pop up with wild cards fairly often as well. Over the course of a few hours in two days I was able to snag up several different skin gifts and you don’t need a group to get the prizes. WoW also has some midnight mania boards and a large pile of group gifts but since I was doing this on a budget and the group membership costs 400L, I regretfully didn’t feel I could join the group.

noobwowI also found this free gift skin on an easel in the same room as the lucky boards.

noobwoweaselYou can find this gift by tping to WoW skins and following the beacon. You land at a landing point and the gift is forward and then to the left.

As I said above, the avatar does come with a shape, she also comes with eyelashes but after a while I found that her shape wasn’t really right for me. So I turned to my trusty marketplace and found this shape which I used with some modifications.  Note that the shape costs 1L. I really am doubtful that these days a person can get started in SL without spending any L whatsoever. I just don’t think it’s possible any longer. I think a reasonable budget to get started in second life might be around 1k. This will cover group fees, dollarbies and the like.

I went over to Lumae looking for another skin alternative and I did find a couple of nice skin gifts there. The group does cost 1l to join, I believe this is mainly to cut down on obnoxious spammers.

nooblumaeAs you can see, you can grab two skin gifts with all sorts of appliers, another box which contains a child skin, yet another box which contains shapes and other various useful bits plus a box which contains a selection of lipsticks. I found some nice tattoo eyelashes in one of the boxes and I also found the lipsticks useful. I’m wearing one in the picture above. You can get all these items by joining the group and clicking the boxes with your title – Lumae

I felt I needed eyes and I really wanted mesh ones so I was lucky to find these ones from AG for 0L. They are grey and come in three sizes so for whatever eye needs you have, they should work fine.

So, I wanted to also mention I think it must be super difficult for someone who doesn’t know anything at all about sl to find things. I know sl because I’ve been around a long time so I feel I had a head start on finding items for my noob. I headed over to Emo-tions to see what group gift hair might be available. I think it’s important to note that Emo-tions has been around for quite a long time, changing with the times, the group is still free to join and they still offer group gifts.

noobemotionsThe hair I’m wearing in the top photo is from here, you can see the board on the right. The hair is rigged mesh, comes with all colors and a hud for changing the head band as well as head appliers and tattoo layers for the hair base.

Next stop was one of the places that has existed for as long as I’ve been in SL and that’s Free Dove. It’s updated over the years but all the items are donated by their creators for use by new residents of SL.

You will find a wide range of clothing, shoes, jewelry and so on. I’m afraid like so much else, the selection for males is a bit slim but there are items worth grabbing for men too. The jewelry I am wearing is by Glint and is available for 0l at Free Dove.

noobdoveThe set I’m wearing is on the right of the picture and you can find it by following the beacon when you tp to Free Dove.

There are also many more items for you to find there. I am also wearing a blush tattoo from Free Dove, which is part of the 0l Daria Avatar.

Now, about clothes. There are a lot of clothes at Free Dove as I mentioned, but I was looking for a Halloween look. It’s my birthday soon and Halloween is my favorite holiday. So I made some choices from mp. All of these are 1l or 0L

1 – Goth Doll   

I ended up using the skirt from that outfit in one of my outfits shown in pics below.

2 – Proper Pumpkin Dress

3 – Shona Halloween

I used this top in both the outfits above.

4 – Avvianna

I didn’t use this one but I may very well use the hat before Halloween has gone by.

5 – Cammilla

Again I didn’t use this one at the moment but I still feel it’s useful to have. I don’t have slink feet but I think I am going to break down and by some for my noob just because it’s kind of hard to find shoes without mesh feet of some kind.

I think it’s important to note also that in addition to stuff on marketplace, group gifts or places like the Free Dove. There are a lot of very generous designers in SL. One of these is Sn@tch, created by Ivey Deschanel.

noobsntchIn this picture you can see the Noob Avatar in the right hand side of the picture, a wall of freebies, all items absolutely 0l and also a wall of cheapies, all of which are priced at 30L. Ivey also has lucky boards, mob vendors and an outlet shop… so there’s a lot you can grab from her shop at low or no cost.

The jeans I am wearing in the top pictures above are from this wall, they are the Camp Relaxed Fit jeans, come in many colors and include cuff attachments. Sn@tch.

Finally, for shoes, I used these ones by Mayden Couture called Nicole Black. They come with a hud, alpha layer, and so on. You can use one of the skin choices pre selected or edit the hud to add other skin tone choices, there are also nail polish choices.

Total cost for this Avi Look – 5L

Skin 0L, shape, 1L, eyes, 0L, hair 0L, cosmetics 1L (from the Lumae group gifts), Jewelry 0L, Top 1L, skirt 1L, shoes 1L, pants 0l

Now about my picture… I wanted to make a little autumn scene without spending a lot. I already have land on my main avi so I just put up this little skybox which I bought for 10L. It includes the little tree, leaves, grass and a sky surround that looks a bit autumn stormy.

I then added this little autumn fence which includes poses. 15L

Now the poses in the fence are cute but they are all sitting poses and I wanted something standing. I bought all the 1l pose sets that are still available from marketplace from Exposeur. I’m using ones from this and this set. To my delight, I found I could play the pose I wanted and adjust myself via the adjust menu in the fence, until I got it above ground and facing the way I wanted it to. The fence is copiable so the original fence settings are still saved.

This last shot is edited slightly.

noobendAs I did this last picture, I was reminded for the first time in a while about… where I came from in a sense. I noticed all the jaggedy pixel edges at the wrist, and so on, something I never see while wearing a mesh body. It reminded me there’s a reason why we all went to mesh bodies… it’s because they truly do look better. But that doesn’t mean we can’t look good in the “Classic Avi.”

Please watch this spot, as I plan to have other noob adventure posts in due time. ❤


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