Let’s Talk About Ears

I hope that this will become a regular feature here on The Twinkle, where I talk about a product that I really enjoy and think is special, something that’s a staple of my usual SL.

Today I’m going to talk about ears. Ear attachments like many other types of attachments are not particularly new but they have changed and improved over the years. For a long time, I wore ears made by Mandala. I really liked them and they made wearing mesh heads and mesh hair much easier because of course I could move them around etc.

But then I found these ears by ^^Swallow^^ . They were at Shiny Shabby some months ago.

earsmainYou can click the above pic for a bigger size if you so desire and as you see on the caption, it comes with a hud that controls all facets of the ears. I think these ears are seriously snazzy and below the jump, I’ll show you pics of each part of the hud. These are not rigged, so you can move them around and I’m wearing just a hair base right now so you can really see how they look.

earshudskinThe first page of the hud of course covers skin. It comes with a ton of presets as you can see on the left hand side. You also have the ability to turn full bright on or off, to input rgb if you like and also to change the size. In the instructions, the buyer is cautioned to be careful what is checked in the resize section. For best results, all buttons should be ON before you resize so that it resizes in a uniform manner. I have tried these ears with a number of skins and for me at least, the presets have covered most everything I needed.

earshudmetalsThe second page of the hud governs what color metals your earrings on your ears will have. As you can see, you also have the choice of turning the chain on or off on the left ear. I’ve mainly stuck with the golds and silvers but I do like that I could go with a wilder metal if I so chose.

earshudgemspearlsNext we have stones. The earrings in the ears have both gemstones and pearls, and you can choose what color these will be for both gems and pearls.

earshudtatsAnd finally, the hud allows you to change the tattoo at the top of the ear to several choices or to turn them off altogether. You can create quite a unified look or mix it up how you see fit.

These ears are also compatible with classic avatar heads as well as mesh ones as they come with alpha layers for regular heads. These ears are, in my opinion, quite reasonably priced at 490L a set. You can find them at the Main Store – Here.


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