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Today I’m using a mesh box that I got for a really tiny price from Focus Poses. I’m wearing a combination mix and match outfit which starts with these great mesh plaid pants. They were only 75L at the Indyra Flash Sale and they came with a fitmesh pair, which with the help of the alphas in my Maitreya body worked perfectly.


You can click the image for a direct trip to the full size picture. Or you can go to my flickr page.



If you are like me, you read SeraphimSl.Com pretty much every day. It’s truly one of the best ways I can think of to keep up with sales & events around the grid. The pictures they take of the items on offer also save a lot of time and hassle. You know immediately if there’s something there you want to look at or buy. Great job Seraphim!

So I saw a post saying that Indyra was having a flash sale. (It’s through October 8 so you still have time)

Indyra is one of the first shops I was ever introduced to, and one of the few that has lasted through the years. So, I always make a point to check out the new styles offered there and to buy things when I can. Naturally I hopped right over to take a look.

The Flash sale only is for a handful of outfits and items, and most of these are standard mesh sizes so they wouldn’t work, sadly, for my Lara body. But I did find these pants and the jewelry that I’m wearing and I bought both in a few color choices. 75L for a nice pair of pants or a jewelry set is a great find!

These pants come studded, belted and awesome. I bought the red color I’m wearing here and also a great chocolate brown plaid. They made me think of a good girl gone bad sort of vibe and that’s what I based the rest of the outfit on.

The jacket is from a Hilly Haalan outfit called Mina and also includes a dress with jacket and so on. Now, I’m pretty sure that Hilly makes most of her stuff from full perm mesh but I for one don’t think that should deter anyone from buying from her. She offers lots of colors and textures, lots of size options and everything is really well done, for a tiny price. I am in love with the glossy looking jacket textures and nice detailing.


Because layering mesh can be a bit of a headache, I opted instead for a texture based choice of top. This one is from Sn@tch and Ivey is another creator whom I have been following and delightedly buying from for a long time. She offers great mesh and non mesh items, in fatpacks usually, with choices of transfer or no transfer and her prices are very tiny for what you get. Her texture items come with both a slink hud and an omega hud so you can wear them with pretty much all of the different bodies out there, provided that you use an omega script or relay. I was also happy about this top which is called Sydney because it comes with some really great sleeve attachments. These days I think some creators are skimping on their texture based items by not providing sleeve or other attachments that would fully round out their designs. I had a shop myself in the days before mesh and I always made sleeve or pant cuff attachments, as well as skirts etc… and I just feel that a sleeve attachment can make such an impact. This one is no exception with it’s pretty lace details. I had to adjust these a good bit for photography and to fit under the jacket sleeve but a bit of effort made them look perfect.

Because I wanted to show of the other purchase I made at the Indyra flash sale, I included this really stunning statement necklace and earring set in red called Porto Nova. You can’t see the earrings that well because of my hair, sadly, but the necklace is right there front and center 😀

The shoes I’m wearing are a recent release by Reign and I’ve been excited to see the many new designs Reign has been putting out there lately. Also their prices have come down so that the whole fatpack of colors was a tiny 399L for these simply named Platform Heels. Sizes for slink, maitreya and belleza are also included so whatever your foot size, they’ve got you covered. I love the textures on these platforms and you also have metal choices and I believe sole choices as well.

My hair is a recent purchase from Pr!tty and I believe this was maybe from Hairology this round. It’s called Erika. I really love the little pony and the soft waves. It reminds me a little of some of the 80’s styles I remember so well.

As before, I’m still wearing my Pink Fuel skin called Liya in apricot on my Dyana head from Catwa. The red lipstick is part of the head applier set but I am wearing eye shadow from SlackGirl (Leila shadows) and a hair base which I’ve tinted to match my hair by Just Magnetized (hairbase 03). My nail polish is again from Zoz, this time from the Bad Girl set.

In addition to the mesh box from Focus poses which includes texture change on the box and 13 static poses. The box is only 90L ! btw.

I’m also using some poses from the Nantra High Society set. Nantra is a new to me store but I bought several sets the other day and am very happy with them! You get mirrors for each pose and they also do the nice ease in and ease out that I like.

Shopping URLs


Hilly Haalan




Just Magnetized

Pr!tty – evidently she’s moving stores right now so I’m linking you to her flickr. Hairology


I’m not going to relink my personal all the time stuff.


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